How we made a scratchy for insurance fraud

AHC Investigations are a unique service that surveil workers suspected of committing insurance fraud, exposing claims and ensuring profitability for their clients. Our brief was to design a memorable flyer to be handed out at a national insurance expo that would highlight the unique service of the company and be a “conversation starter” for attendees.

An initial team brainstorm formulated the idea of creating a literal experience of “scratching the surface”, something that could be both interactive while at the same time be an allusion to the work of AHCI to look beyond the superficial.

A simple, double-sided A5 brochure was created, with essential information on the company and their services printed on one side and on the other were a series of silhouettes.

Using a finish called Scratch Kote (familiar to those who have ever purchased instant lottery tickets) each silhouette was identifiable by a different form of injury or impairment. Attendees of the expo were then invited to “scratch the surface” of the brochure, revealing a hidden reality of healthy, active bodies in a range of athletic poses.

The finished brochure achieved two things: the tactile and interactive nature engaged the audience in a fun way that belied the seriousness of the topic; and it also helped foster a better understanding of the work done by AHCI.