A room with a view – designing a liveable space

Here at Another Colour we are often presented with a project to challenge the standard ways in which we are accustomed to designing. The work we completed for Event Emporium was no exception and rather than working with a single dimension such as graphics for print or screen we were required to think and design in three dimensions.

Event Emporium commissioned us to flex our creative muscle for Samsung on a new product launch of the Audio Multiroom, an innovative new way to integrate wireless speakers so you, the listener, can enjoy music in many rooms at once. Such smart technology required a smart approach.

We transformed an exhibition space, which featured a life-size replica of a home interior, whose stark white walls were graced with light grey vinyl decals of familiar household objects; and furnished with a white couch, bar and stools. All this was designed to draw the eye to the starring attraction, the exquisite black unit.

The result was a resounding success. As any immersive experience, it took the audience through the space where they were able to see hear and feel the equipment first hand. The whole display spoke volumes about our ability as designers to adapt our design skills to the built environment.

Event imagery courtesy of Event Emporium.