Another Colour handpicks our 12 must-have apps to keep every graphic designer inspired and entertained.

1. Oko

Stunning satellite images are turned into psychedelic puzzles. This free app contains 20 unique images that are segmented into circles and spin at varying speeds. Not recommended if you’re nursing a hangover! Download for iOS or Android.

2. Monument Valley

We’re a big fan of impossible shapes so we loved the graphic illusions on offer in this beautifully illustrated adventure game. Download for iOS or Android.

3. Trend Generator

Trend Generator allows you to create posters on the fly, using design trends that have been catalogued on “Type on a path”, “gradient”, “diagonal pattern” are just some examples of the hipster treatments you can apply to your designs. It’s definitely more style over substance, but it’s still a bit of fun. Download for iOS.

4. Logos Quiz

Fancy yourself as a bit of a logo nerd? This app is loaded with over 900 famous (and some obscure) brands that have been partially hidden. Can you guess them all?
Download for iOS.

5. Adobe Color CC

Stuck for a colour? Adobe Color CC ( formerly ‘Kuler’) is our go-to app for generating harmonious palettes. One of its key features is the ability to add swatches from a photograph, and easily sync them with the Adobe suite. We especially love the way you can share your favourite palettes with the rest of the design community.
Download for iOS.

6. Design Tools

Consider this the bible for every graphic designer. This handy app houses lots of useful information such as standard page sizes, unit conversion, and even a golden ratio calculator.
Download for iOS.

7. The Font Game

Know your Gothams from your Garamonds? Put your typeface knowledge to the test with this satisfyingly geeky game. If you’re a pro, you can take it to the next level and complete the font terminology quiz. Download for iOS.

8. Visualator

Create mind-bending abstract graphics with this fun tool developed by the guys at Computer Arts magazine. Download for iOS.

9. Behance

Behance is one of the studio’s favourite resources for inspiration…and it turns out they have a pretty neat iPhone app too. Great for that train ride in to work when you’re looking for that creative spark to get you going. Download for iOS or Android.

10. Snapseed

Transform your smart phone snaps into re-touched pieces of art with this handy app we’re labelling ‘Instagram on steroids’. Whether it’s subtle colour correction or a dramatic filter, Snapseed can do it all – You’ll never need another photo editor again. Download for iOS or Android.

11. Shape CC

Embrace your inner-Warhol and create vectorised high contrast images using just your smart phone. You can then easily sync with Creative Coud and incorporate into your designs.
Download for iOS.

12. Catwang

Create meme-worthy collages using Catwang’s library of laser beams, pizza slices and you guessed it..cats. Scale, rotate and flip the various elements and create your own bizarre scenes before sharing them with your instagram and facebook followers. Download for iOS.

Think we’ve missed some?

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